Thesis Guide

Thesis Guide

The GL6101 Thesis Seminar course is a 1-credit course aimed at enabling students to communicate their thesis research results in both written (publication) and oral (presentation) forms. The objectives of this course are:

  1. Provide evaluation of the progress of research for Master’s students in Geological Engineering.
  2. Offer constructive feedback on the research flow, covering background, objectives, methodology, analysis, interpretation, and conclusions.
  3. Provide practice for students in effectively and communicatively presenting their research results both orally and in writing.
  4. Enhance students’ ability to understand geological concepts related to their research areas.

In the initial stage of this course, students receive training on journal writing techniques and presentation skills. Subsequently, assisted by their supervisors, students apply the knowledge and techniques gained from training to process and compile the results of their thesis research. Students prepare supporting presentation materials, create descriptive and informative abstracts, and practice presentation techniques. The processed and prepared material will be presented orally in front of an academic forum and in writing in paper format. Additionally, students are required to attend at least 12 seminars of other S2 students to broaden their knowledge of the latest developments in geological science.

The expected outcomes when students complete this course are:

  1. Knowledge: Students will be able to apply concepts and theories related to their research areas in geology.
  2. Skills: Students will be able to effectively and communicatively communicate their research results in writing and orally.
  3. Competence: Students will demonstrate discipline and proficiency, appreciate the research data they obtain, have confidence in their analysis and interpretation, appreciate the work of other researchers (research results and data), and be able to work independently or in groups.

Please carefully review the regulations for conducting the Thesis Seminar course below to ensure the smooth running of your Thesis Seminar. Follow the regulations and prepare well in advance before the seminar takes place.

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Procedures/guidelines related to the final project/thesis of the S2/Master’s program in Geological Engineering can be viewed in the following file: