About Geological Engineering

The history of the Geological Engineering Study Program at ITB is intricately linked with the development of geological education in Indonesia, dating back to the Dutch occupation. Professor Klompe, famously known as Professor Klompe, was appointed as the first geology lecturer at the University of Indonesia in 1948. In 1950, he introduced the Department of Geology as part of the Faculty of Science in Bandung, marking a new era in the history of geological science in Indonesia. In 1959, with the establishment of the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), the Mining and Geology Section was developed under the Department of Mineral Technology, giving birth to the Department of Geology at ITB.


The history of the Geology Engineering Study Program at ITB is closely related with the geological educational development in Indonesia that has been started since the days of the Dutch occupation of Indonesia. It was Theodorus Henricus Franciscus Klompe, famous as Professor Klompe who first appointed as lecturer of geology at University Indonesia in 1948. Klompe first introduced the Department in 1950 as part of Faculty of Science, University of Indonesia in Bandung.  His Professor title was awarded in March 1951, at the Department of Geology, faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the university. Later, he became the head of this department.  It is then opened up a new era of the hystory of the science of geology in Indonesia.

Vision and Mission

The Geological Engineering Program at ITB, situated within the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology, aligns its vision and mission with that of the faculty and is derived from the overarching vision and mission of ITB. As an integral part of the larger academic ecosystem, the program is dedicated to upholding the core values and goals set by the university.