Klompe Library

  Opening Hour  : 08.00 am– 16.00 pm
Open for public
Cost : Free of charge
Requirement for borrowing books:
– ITB Student and staff : show ID
– Non ITB / public : show ID, only allow to  read at the library

Klompe Library is managed by Geology Engineering Study Program. Klompe, the name of the library, was adopted to honor Prof. Klompe, a Dutch professor, founder of Geology Engineering Study Program. The collection consists of text books, journals, proceedings, magazines, student thesis, and many more related with geology. Some of the collection can be assessed by on line while other are off line. For more detailed books collection please download this file.

The library is located at the first floor of the Geology Engineering Study Program building. Occupies an area of ± 100 m2 , the library is equipped with reading room, 10 PC computer for online access, internet and intranet link to ITB central library and other library at ITB, Indonesia and worldwide.

Reading Room at Klompe Library

PC-computer facilities at Klompe Library

The collection at Klompe Library

Student Thesis collection