Reseach in the Geology Study Program are undertaken in each Study Group, they are listed as follows:

  1. Geodynamics and Sedimentology:
    1. Shale Gas; Partner (s): P3MI ITB
    2. Carbonate facies; Partner (s): P3MI ITB
    3. Drone and 3D outcrops: Partner (s): P3MI ITB
    4. Geology of the Banda Arc System: Timor, Tanimbar, Kai, Papua, Maluku, Halmahera; Partner (s) Various International Companies
    5. Regional Geology of Indonesia; Partner (s): Royal Holloway University of London
  2. Petrology, Volkanonology and Geothermal
    1. Sumatera and Java Volcanoes; Partner (s) Akita University, Jepang
    2. Krakatau Volcano; Partner (s) Oxford University
    3. Kelud Volcano: Partner (s) Macquarie Univ Australia, Massey Univ New Zealand
    4. Ijen Volcano; Partner (s) CODES, University of Tasmania Australia
  3. Paleontology and Quaternary Geology
    1. Tsunamigenic sediments along the subduction zones
  4. Applied Geology