Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The Geological Engineering Program at ITB, situated within the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology, aligns its vision and mission with that of the faculty and is derived from the overarching vision and mission of ITB. As an integral part of the larger academic ecosystem, the program is dedicated to upholding the core values and goals set by the university.

Vision and Mission of ITB


“ITB as an outstanding, distinguished, independent, and internationally recognized university that leads changes toward welfare improvement of the Indonesian nation and the world”



“To innovate, share and apply science, technology, art, and humanity and to produce excellent human resources for better Indonesia and the world.”

Vision and Mission of FITB​

“Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology becomes one of the educational institutions, research centres and innovations of earth science-technology that is competitive, qualified, initiative and contribute to the needs of nation and state with the mission of:

  • Guiding, examining, developing, and implementing appropriate earth-science technologies to meet the needs of Indonesia.
  • To establish the international cooperation network with universities, research centres and other strategic institutions in Indonesia and abroad to develop cooperation in sustainable earth sciences and technology.”

Indonesian higher education institutions are expected to implement the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, following the code of higher education institutions in Indonesia. This includes implementing educational programs based on the development and progress of science and technology to create a flexible curriculum. Additionally, it is crucial to implement and enhance the development of teaching staff and students in an integrated manner. Graduates are expected to be capable of developing applications and advancing science and technology, playing a role in improvisation and innovation in production processes. To foster collaboration, efforts should be made to cooperate with government agencies and relevant private entities.

Geological Engineering of ITB try to answer several challenges that may be faced in the future, such as:

  1. The development of geoscience
  2. The scarce of energy and geological resources
  3. Natural disasters (identification, detection, and mitigation)
  4. Environmental problems.

Undergraduate Program in Geological Engineering should be able to produce graduates who are skilled and able to develop in a variety of related disciplines. The graduates must also has good moral, wise and prudent, and be able to cooperate with other disciplines.

This goal is pictured in Undergraduate Program in Geological Engineering ITB vision, which is:

  1. Leading educational institution in the development of science and technology in the fields of geology
  2. Produce graduates who are qualified and able to think in a wide perspective, multidisciplinary, has good moral, uphold the scientific truth and intuitive truth, and embraces academic freedom.
  3. Take an active role in the development of basic and applied science, especially in energy and mineral resource exploration, geological hazard and mitigation, and environment.

To achieve the above vision, Undergraduate Program in Geological Engineering should be able to perform its obligations as a higher education institution. Contribution in the education, research and community service is a basic mandatory that must be done for the development of science, especially in the field of geology. For that purpose, education must be implemented on the basis of moral and culture of Indonesia with the acquisition of appropriate technology so that the graduates can develop their knowledge and meet the needs of the society. Students should be provided with basic knowledge in geology and its application reflected in the curriculum that is flexible and evaluated and upgraded sustainably. The education process is also associated with the development of teaching staff; hence it is important that the teaching staff must contribute to the research to contribute the development of geological science in Indonesia.