Laboratory of Structural Geology and Geodynamics

Laboratory of Structural Geology, Geodynamics, and Sandbox

The Geodynamics Laboratory serves as a vital research facility for both faculty and students, particularly those undertaking thesis, dissertation, and research projects. The laboratory’s research focus has centered on the 3D imaging of Earth’s interior structures, spanning local scales such as volcanic formations, regional scales including subduction zones, and global scales exploring the Earth’s mantle. Previous studies within the laboratory have emphasized computational processes and seismic data processing, leading to the interpretation of generated models. Looking ahead, the laboratory is poised to advance its capabilities by developing physical modeling techniques, with a specific emphasis on processes related to oceanic plate subduction.


In addition to its research-oriented endeavors, the Geodynamics Laboratory also plays a crucial role in fieldwork. The facility is designed to integrate diverse field data, providing a unique studio-like environment for this purpose. The laboratory’s infrastructure includes classrooms, computer rooms, and a sandbox workshop, each tailored to serve specific functions. The classrooms, with a capacity for up to 30 students, serve as dedicated spaces for the analysis of kinematics and dynamics of structural geology. Students engage in hands-on activities, creating geological cross-sections and presenting their findings in detailed reports, contributing to a rich and immersive learning experience within the Geodynamics Laboratory.


  • Analog Sandbox Modelling¬†
  • Computational equipment for seismic data interpretation and model generation
  • Classrooms for academics purposes