Laboratory of Petrology and Volcanology

Laboratory of Petrology and Volcanology

The Petrology and Volcanology Laboratory is a vital component and sub-discipline within the Geological Science Research Group. Petrology, as a fundamental geological science, delves into the study of various rocks found in the Earth’s crust, encompassing igneous, pyroclastic, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Complementarily, volcanology is a specialized field that explores all aspects related to volcanic phenomena. The laboratory plays a pivotal role in academia, supporting education through practical sessions in courses related to petrology and volcanology. Additionally, it actively engages in research endeavors, investigating areas associated with the scientific principles of petrology and volcanology. Furthermore, the laboratory extends its services to the scientific community and the mining and petroleum industries by providing rock and mineral analyses, thus contributing to societal welfare and industrial needs.


In terms of education, the laboratory provides support through practical sessions in courses related to petrology and volcanology. It serves as a hands-on learning environment for students to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. In the realm of research, the laboratory conducts studies in fields related to petrology and volcanology, contributing to advancements in geological science. Moreover, the laboratory fulfills a crucial role in community service by offering scientific assistance to both the academic and industrial sectors, particularly in the mining and petroleum industries. Through the analysis of rocks and minerals, the laboratory plays a significant part in addressing the needs of the community and industry, bridging the gap between scientific research and practical applications.


Laboratory equipment available includes:

  • 10 units of Binocular Microscopes, used for magnifying rock specimens.
  • 13 units of Polarization Microscopes, employed for observing rocks in thin sections.
  • 3 units of Reflection Microscopes, utilized for examining rocks in thin sections (opaque minerals).
  • 2 units of Polarization Photo Microscopes, serving as tools for photographing rocks in thin sections.

We provide a price list of laboratory services for external parties, with detailed information available in the files below.