Laboratory of Sedimentology

Laboratory of Sedimentology

The Sedimentology Laboratory plays a pivotal role within the Geological Science Research Group, specializing in the foundational discipline of sedimentology. This field is instrumental in understanding Earth’s dynamic surface processes by focusing on the study of sediments and sedimentary rocks. The laboratory’s scope encompasses the comprehensive analysis of various sediment types, including clastic, chemical, and organic sediments, shedding light on the formation and characteristics of sedimentary rocks that contribute to the geological history of our planet.


Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the laboratory boasts a binocular microscope, granulometry analysis tools, hand specimens of sedimentary rocks, and equipment such as hand lenses, magnetic pens, corundum and steel scratchers, HCl solution for field testing, and a grain size or minerals abundances comparator. Additional tools like the geological hammer and Brunton Compass enhance the laboratory’s capabilities, providing a conducive environment for in-depth sedimentological research. While the primary focus is on academic endeavors, the Sedimentology Research Team extends its services to industry consultancy and collaborative research initiatives, showcasing the laboratory’s commitment to contributing valuable insights to both academic and real-world geological challenges.


  1. Binocular microscope
  2. Granulometry analysis tools
  3. Hand specimens of sedimentary rocks and sedimentary structures
  4. Standard field equipment:
    • Hand lens
    • Magnetic pens
    • Corundum and steel scratcher
    • HCl solution for field testing
    • Grain size or minerals abundances comparator
    • Geological hammer
    • Brunton Compass


  1. Primarily academic-focused services
  2. Consultancy services provided by the Sedimentology Research Team
  3. Fieldwork assistance for Industry and Collaborative Research initiatives