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Polarization Microscope Units at Petrography Laboratory

Polarization Microscope Units at Petrography Laboratory

The laboratory consists of Petrography laboratory which is consists of some microscope units, Thin Section Preparation Workshop and SEM laboratory

The Petrography laboratory is equipped with

      • Binocular Microscope = 10 units; for magnifying rocks sample objects
      • Polarization Microscope = 13 units; for thins section analysis
      • Reflection Microscope = 3 units; in particular for identifying opaque mineral in thin section
      • Photo Polarization Microscope = 2 units; for taking picture of thin section

Thin Section Preparation Workshop consists of rock cutting units and samples polished units. It provides sample preparation for thin section.

The laboratory provides services in preparation of rocks, minerals, and ores in thin sections, polished thin sections, and slabs. The services is not only for academics but also external clients such as industry and research agencies. For more detailed information please contacts Dr.Ir. I.G.B. Edy Sucipta.

Scanning Electron Microprobe (SEM) is a microscope for displaying surface of material upto 50,000 times. SEM can be used to study mineral surface structure in detail, cell, or other materials. EDX is stand for Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer (EDS or EDX) which is used to analysis elements composition of a mineral. The instruments in this laboratory is equipped with 2 major detector, those are:

      1. Secondary Electron Detector (SED)
      2. Backscattered Electron Detector (BSD)

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