Laboratory of Petrography and Mineral Deposit

Laboratory of Petrography and Mineral Optic

The Laboratory of Petrography and Mineral Optic, operating under the umbrella of the Geological Research Group, stands out as a specialized center committed to the in-depth exploration of rocks and minerals within the Earth’s crust. Anchored in the fields of petrology and mineral optics, this laboratory conducts comprehensive investigations into various rock types, spanning the diverse realms of igneous, pyroclastic, sedimentary, and metamorphic formations. Armed with cutting-edge tools and technology, the laboratory offers an enriching environment for students and researchers alike, fostering petrographic analysis, mineral identification, and exploration, with a specific emphasis on mineral optics. Through this targeted approach, the laboratory not only enhances our understanding of the intricate structures and properties of geological materials but also provides a platform for the development of crucial skills in the realm of mineral optics.


As a pivotal component of the academic landscape, the laboratory’s educational objectives extend beyond traditional learning. It aspires to impart comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, ensuring that individuals develop a profound understanding of the geological significance and economic potential inherent in rocks, minerals, and ores. A noteworthy outcome of the laboratory’s endeavors is the heightened awareness and proficiency of students in the intricate field of mineral optics. By engaging with advanced tools and focusing on the nuances of mineral optics, students emerge from the laboratory with a well-rounded understanding of this specialized discipline. This heightened comprehension not only contributes to their academic growth but also equips them with the expertise needed to navigate real-world geological challenges, thereby shaping the future generation of professionals in the geological sciences. In essence, the Laboratory of Petrography and Mineral Optic plays a pivotal role in advancing our knowledge of the Earth’s geological history and resources while simultaneously nurturing a cadre of proficient and insightful individuals prepared for the complexities of the geological field.


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