Geological Engineering Study Program-Faculty of Earth Science and Technology


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The Study Program has set goals to be achieve in the field of education and has established the indicators that determine the achievement of those goals. After setting goals and indicators of success, a strategy for achieving those objectives is devised.

The following quality indicators are being regularly evaluated during accreditation process at BAN-PT:

  1. Vision and Mission
  2. Undergraduate Program Syllabus and Curriculum
  3. Lecturer and Administration Staff
  4. Students
  5. Learning Process
  6. Physical Resources
  7. Academic Environment
  8. Research and Community Services
  9. Information System
  10. Collaboration with another university/institution

All of this quality indicators are methods to ensure that Undergraduate Program of Geological Engineering can achieve of the six areas of Quality Policy ITB 2006 to 2010 as a whole, including the education, research, service expertise, human resource development, student affairs, and management services


To achieve the goals, the Study Program runs the following strategy:

  1. Improvements in the curriculum, review and curriculum changes every five years (last review was in 2013, for the implementation on first semester of 2013-2014 in August 2013 to 2018).
  2. Intensive supervision for undergraduate and graduate students. Whereas for master and doctoral program students must present Seminar Progress at the end of each semester
  3. Monitoring the various conditions related to student performance and achievement through ITB’s website ( The website is accessible only for a limited people, such as supervisor, academic representative, coordinating lectures, Head of Study Program or promoter for doctorate students).
  4. Involving students in lecturers, research and community projects
  5. Coordination meetings with lecturers.
  6. Provides / adds facilities for communication (computer and network access to internet) and e-library (Georef).
  7. Cooperate with partners from government, industry or other universities Nationally and Internationally. Such Cooperation is often including within larger agreement or MoU between ITB and Parties that cooperate.