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The educational purposes in Geological Engineering Department in Faculty of Earth Science and Technology is:

  1. To produce graduates who have strong fundamental knowledge so that he/she is flexible to adapt the rapid development of science and technology, and success in their profession.
  2. To produce graduates who are able to develop their knowledge at a higher level so they are acceptable to continue further education and finish well
  3. To produce graduates who have the attitude and behavior that have positive impact in community (hard and soft skills) as well as showing leadership in their environment.

Every graduate from Undergraduate Program of Geological Engineering ITB is expected to:

  1. Understand the basic knowledge of geology and it’s applications, capable in conducting descriptive research, think logic and rational, as well as have the intellectual ability, mastery of knowledge and high expertise, have a global conception, sensitive to local conditions have the potential to grow and willing to learn throughout life in order to equip themselves with the latest knowledge and information.
  2. Have the ability to collect and process geological data from various data sources (field and non-field data) with high creativity and innovative, as well as systematical thinking to understand how a system works in a whole process in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of the system.
  3. Have the skills to apply geological knowledge and sensitive to the problems that occur in the community and be able to analyze it in terms of geology and related sciences, including the ability to diagnose and develop problem-solving strategies that are non-routine to develop metacognitive capacity in the form of creative and innovative reflection regarding problem solving strategies.
  4. Have the ability to develop knowledge and skills that have been held to a higher lever
  5. Have the ability to collaborate and communicate in conducting an event with emotional maturity characterized by high self-confidence, independent, expressing opinion very well, appreciate differences of opinion, have empathy and social sensitivity, reliable, and able to work in teams across disciplines and response to the contemporary issues.

Have ethical in performing it’s function in society, both in professional organizations and in community, with moral good, noble character, leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, competency, and willing to build and maintain the integrity of the nation.