Head of Undegraduate study program’s welcome

Head of Undergraduate study program’s welcome

Dr. Eng. Ir. Asep Saepuloh, S.T, M.Eng.

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

The Geological Engineering Program at ITB is one of the oldest programs in Indonesia. In 1950, Theodorus Henricus Franciscus Klompe founded the Geology and Mining department at the Faculty of Science, UI Bandung, as the precursor to the Geological Engineering Program at ITB. For more than seventy years, the Geological Engineering Program at ITB has produced geologists who have contributed to the history and development of Indonesia. As of 2023, we have successfully documented approximately 1600 alumni working in various fields such as petroleum geology, economic geology, geothermal, geotechnical, hydrogeology, geoscience, entrepreneurship, research, and others, both within and outside Indonesia.

As a leading engineering program in Indonesia, we strive to produce graduates with a strong foundation in engineering and scientific knowledge, enabling them to adapt to the advancements in science and technology. Our graduates actively play successful roles in their respective professions and continue to develop their expertise at a higher level, including pursuing advanced education. Moreover, our graduates are prepared to apply engineering fundamentals to solve various geological problems and demonstrate meaningful attitudes and behaviors in their lives, showing leadership and innovation in community improvement efforts.

To achieve these goals, we welcome the best young generation from all corners of the archipelago who aspire to develop themselves and contribute to nation-building in the field of geology or others to join the Geological Engineering Program at ITB.