Grading Methods

Student learning outcomes assessment are carried out in each semester and announced at a pre-determined time. The rubric for assessment is shown below.

Assessment rubric for grading of exam

Aspects ≥ 80 (Excellent) 65 – 79.9 (Good) 55 – 64.9 (Fair) < 55 (Poor)
Content and Elaboration Intriguing and creative statement of problem, rationale is clearly stated Problem stated along with an appropriated, suitable rationale Bare-bones statement of the problem presented, reasoning may not be clear Lacks clear statement of problem and/or rational of the project
Presentation and articulation Clear, logical structure supports and enhances the arguments; elegant style consisting of strong sections and seamless flow; Transparent argument structure.

A few minor errors

Structure supports the argument, clearly ordered section fit together well; easy to follow and read for content

Some errors

Structures is of inconsistent quality; reader able to follow arguments even though style maybe uneven.

Numerous errors

Structure and/or style gets in the way of reading for content.

Readability significantly impaired by errors

Every lecturer has their own preferences in scoring the students. However, in scoring final marks, the lecturer always try to be objective. For example this is a table from Crystallography and Mineralogy course (Table Below) showing detailed student score before it is processed into final score.

Example of score determination

Student Name Practicum Score (40%) Lecture score (60%) Final Score
Lorem ipsum Mid Exam  Practicum Final Exam Practicum Weekly score Mid Exam (40%) Final Exam (50%) Quizzes or assignment (10%) Practical score + lecture score

Final grade is shown in DNA (Daftar Nilai Akhir) issued by the Directorate of Education of ITB, and no additional names of students other than those listed.

The grading method for each courses considering several factors such as assignment (10-30%), practicum (20-30%), quiz (5-10%), mid exam (30-40%) final exam (30-40%), excursion (optional; 10-20%). The result is converted to index presented Below.


Index score table

Index Score Total Score Description
A 4.0 ≥80 Excellent
AB 3.5 75-79.9 Good to Excellent
B 3.0 65-74.9 Good
BC 2.5 60-64.9 Fair to Good
C 2.0 55-59.9 Fair
D 1.0 50-54.5 Insufficient
E 0.0 <50 Failed
T Incomplete

Student academic achievement is determined by the current Grade Point Average (current GPA; Nilai rata-rata (NR)), Grade Point Average (GPA; Indeks Prestasi (IP)), and cumulative Grade Point Average (cumulative GPA; Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif (IPK)). The current GPA of a student’s academic achievement reached in each semester is calculated by final score for the number of courses. GPA is calculated by dividing the total amount of grade points earned by the total amount of credit hours attempted, final grades of each course only will be taken into consideration. Cumulative GPA is the academic achievement of students achieved within a certain time on the basis of calculation of all grades of courses ever taken, including the grade of retaken courses, or be replaced by other courses in subsequent semesters.