Geological Engineering Study Program-Faculty of Earth Science and Technology

Laboratory of Engineering Geology

Laboratory of Sedimentology
Laboratory of Structural Geology and Geodynamics
Laboratory of Engineering Geology
Laboratory of Petrography and Mineral Deposit
Laboratory of Geochemistry
Laboratory of Paleontology
Laboratory of Micropaleontology
Laboratory of Hi-Res Stratigraphy
Laboratory of Petrology and Volcanology

Equipment in this laboratory consists of

  • 2 units oven for drying soil samples
  • 1 unit GPS
  • 1 unit Sondir or Penetrometer for soil strength testing
  • 1 unit Electric Sieve Shaker
  • 5 units hand auger for soil sampling
  • 2 units Dyrect shier
  • 1 unit weigher (Timbangan)
  • 1 unit Triaxial test,
  • 1 unit Permeability Test,
  • 1 unit Aterberg test,
  • 1 unit Point Load Test,
  • 1 unit each Slake durability test, Soil Test, Smith Hammer, AWLR; Oxygen meter; pH meter; DHL meter;

Services are available for internal and external unsage. For more detailed please contact Dr. Eng. Imam Achmad Sadisun, S.T., M.T.