Course Deliveries

Teaching & Learning methods Description Contact hours Independent work
Lecture Lecture is the primary method to deliver various courses which give students knowledge and understanding of all course topics. The class size varies according to the course subject, normally between 40-80 students for compulsory courses, and 5-25 students for elective courses. Minimum participant of 5 students is applied to run any course. Conventional teaching normally uses board and LCD projector, however, in some courses ICT based-lecture is used 2 hour per  week per CU At least 1 hour per week per CU
Tutorial At most lectures, tutorial is given as complimentary lecture to enhance understanding of concept of topics discussed. The size of tutorial class in most courses similar to that of the regular lecture class Average 1 hours per week  
Laboratory class Some lectures give a laboratory class and practical as complimentary to enhance the understanding of geological concept, analysis, and methods. The size of practicum class in most courses is depends on lab facilities and normally 20-30 students. Average 1 hours per week At least 2 hours to prepare the lab report
Independent study Independent study is the course which students doing some literature studies on the topic that he/she get interest. Upon doing that, an independent study advisor is assigned for the student to provide advice in order that the goal of the study is attained.  The topic studied is varied, however, most of the topics are within the expertise of the faculty staffs Contact with advisor at least 1 hour per week Average 5 hours per week
Final project Final project is a course that student studying and doing research in a particular field of interest. Final project is an effective mean for students to expose them in a research atmosphere. Final project is offered in two semesters and students can start the project either in semester I or semester II Minimum of 8 times progress report with advisor(s) 3 – 5 hours per week  per CU
Research based learning class To get more experience and deep understanding of the topics, few classes are run with Research Based Learning (RBL) method. In this method students are expected to do research, either literature study or doing some simple research project, on the given topics of course. At the end of the course, usually students have to present their findings in the form of report and presentation At least 8 hours per semester At least 16 hours per semester
On Job Training This course is generally done in company. The focus of the study and location of the company are chosen by the student themselves. This activity is dominated with independent study and learning process which is taught by the off-campus institution (generally is held by student’s advisor from a company). Discussion and presentation in front of lecturer and/or student’s advisor is done in the course. Tentative, following the company’s work hour. Minimum 80 hours or 2 weeks At least 160 hours or 4 weeks
Excursion / Site Visit Site visit in general is held in site which has unique geological condition or geological outcrops which are related to certain study course. This activity is held in at least once at the end of semester (especially for geological course) At least 10 hours per activity At least 24 hours to complete an activity report
Field work This course usually takes place in Karangsambung-Kebumen, Central Java. The main activity is that the students practice to do a geological mapping.  This activity is done by executing several geological methods e.g. outcrops observation, pace-compass mapping methods, stratigraphic measuring section, structural geology analysis, geological sketching, observation, and interpretation.

The geological activities is executed with a guidance by lecturers and field assistants for the data collecting, data processing and final report’s making, including maps making.

At least 30 days (4 hours per day) At least 6 hours per day to prepare the field work for next day and to perform the data processing