Organization Structure

Each Study Group is led by a chairman and a secretary to perform its daily tasks.

  1. KKGS (Geodynamic and Sedimentology Study Group): Dr. Agus Handoyo Harsolumakso (Chairperson); Dr. Dwiharso Nugroho (Secretary)
  2. KKPVG (Petrology, Volkanology and Geothermal); Prof. Emmy Suparka (Chairperson); Dr. Very Susanto (Secretary)
  3. KKPGK (Paleontology and Quaternary Geology): Prof. Yahdi Zaim (Chairperson); Dr. Yan Rizal (Secretary)
  4. KKGT (Applied Geology): Prof Lambok Hutasoit (Chairperson); Dr. Imam A. Sadisun (Secretary)