Karangsambung Field Geology Courses was initiated by Prof. Dr. Sukendar Asikin, a Professor of the Department of Geological Engineering ITB. The idea of ​​establishing this campus was started when Sukendar Asikin in 1958 continued to deepen his field geology knowledge and skill on geology field campus in the Rocky Mountains, Montana and to strengthen his geological structure knowledge and skill at Indiana University, USA. Upon his return from the United States, with the support of Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and Ministry of National Research Affairs (DURENAS), he bring his dream into reality to build Geology Field Campus in Indonesia, in Karangsambung. In 1987, management of Karangsambung Geology Field Laboratory is officially awarded to LIPI

Since 1993 until 1995 the campus expanded with the addition of buildings such as dormitories, classrooms, halls, museums, libraries, office buildings, workshop rock, and so on. In 2002 the new name of this campus become UPT Balai Informasi dan Konservasi Kebumian Karangsambung – LIPI. For more information can be found at this link https://karangsambung.lipi.go.id/ (in Indonesian Language)

Every year, all  6th semester geology engineering students of ITB come to this field campus to complete the compulsory course GL3204 Field Geology (4 credits).  For more than a month, the students will learn all field geology aspects and gain practice skill in geological mapping, interpretation and presentation. This course presents field-lecture to implement the obtained geological knowledge by doing direct observation on geological data at field. The field-lecture consists of standard field geological method such as morphological analysis, outcrop observation, sampling, make some geological section, stratigraphic measurement, analysis on structural geology, and geological mapping including report.

Some aspects that will be discussed in this course:

  1. Introduction into field geology
  2. Geomorphology analysis
  3. Basic petrology for describing rocks
  4. Principles of stratigraphy and sedimentology for measuring section
  5. Basic of structural analysis
  6. Basic of geological mapping
  7. Fieldwork report techniques
  8. Outcrops observation
  9. Geological fieldwork
  10. Geological mapping practical

Preparation and checking before field visit during Pre-Mapping Program


Outcrop observation, description, recording in the field book and plotting location at the basemap


Dr. Dardji Noeradi is explaining the sedimentary structure at the outcrop.

Geomorphological observation, sketching and interpretation during Geomorphology Program


Crossing Lok Ulo river to the next outcrop location

Using a boat, crossing Lok Ulo river when the water is too deep.

Dr. Imam Sadisun on field discussion regarding outcrop, geological engineering and construction at riverbanks